Fran Has Implemented Healthy Dining and Wellness Programs In Over 6000 Locations Nationwide!

Foodservice Wellness Support

A healthy course to success- with market intelligence

Is your wellness program delivering a strong ROI?
To ensure that it does, your strategy needs to consider ever-changing market trends, competitive activity, and what drives your customer.

Franceen and her team of foodservice, marketing and nutrition professionals at Plated Concepts™ supply the market, customer, and competitive intelligence you need to maximize your ROI. From competitive analysis reporting, to opportunity mapping, Franceen and her team guide the development of customer-centric and competitively dominant strategies and program, which are critical to your success.

Employee Wellness

Ideally, employees would enthusiastically participate in a program designed to improve their health. Unfortunately, that has not proven to be the case as healthy eating engagement and behavior change continues to be amongst the biggest contributors to our health crisis. And it’s not because people don’t want to be healthy. In fact, studies show that most people want to be healthy! They want to be at a healthy weight, have energy and stamina and be able to look and feel their best. So why are they getting derailed?

Its the barriers of everyday life that get in the way!

People are inundated with information about what and what-not to eat, but they lack the motivation to embrace healthy eating. In fact, over 50 percent of employers say that the biggest obstacle to getting workers to change their unhealthy habits is motivation. Another 26 percent of employers say that resistance to change is an issue. Barriers to behavior change are abundant, and although addressing and removing them are essential to success, they are often overlooked.

Fueling engagement and healthy change!

Franceen is an empowering and entertaining presenter who has mastered maximizing employee engagement, motiving them to take action, and inspiring life-long positive change. Even those at high risk who are the hardest to reach will want to get up and take action. She reaches beyond “what’s” healthy…. and ignites the enthusiasm to “be” healthy as she removes the barriers that turn knowing into doing!