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Will the New Wellness Consumer Please Stand Up

Caught in the undertow of every nutrition theory, newsflash and fad that comes down the pike, consumer beliefs are vast and varied, and they’re evolving at lightening speed. Throughout this session, you will discover how the growing health and wellness marketplace and consumer mindsets are changing food purchase decisions, and how to leverage that knowledge to drive innovation.

Bethany Curtis

Franceen was a wonderful addition to our Big Ideas Conference!

Obviously, an expert in her field, Franceen’s program gave our attendees a comprehensive understanding of current dietary trends that could be used in menu development for their events, as well as, in their personal life.  Her presentation style engaged the audience. Franceen took the time to learn about the attendees needs prior to the event to make the content very applicable.

Bethany Curtis

CMP, Vice President of Education


Turning Wellness Trends into Healthy Dining Success

Implementing a successful healthy dining program is close to impossible today, when we’re caught in the hype of so much conflicting information about wellness: What are the latest trends? How do we follow legislation? Do consumers want gluten free, low carb, high protein or organics? One day we think we’re doing everything right, and the next day a news report throws everything we thought we knew into question.

Don’t give up!

Join Franceen Friefeld, the Food Industry Nutrition Leader, as she turns outdated notions about wellness-upside down, and the truth about how to deliver a successful healthy menu program- right side up, with her entertaining and empowering approach to healthy dining.


Who Stole My Health-Driven Customer?

Discover how organizations nationwide are responding to today’s health-driven market with a variety of products and programs. Franceen will review real case study examples that reveal how establishments have positioned their menu and product mix, advertising models and brand messaging in the most effective ways. This will provide the competitive intelligence needed to design a cutting-edge wellness strategy for your organization.

Julia Taylor

Funny, Engaging, Practical and Full of Great Information

“Clients are still talking about Franceen’s talk and it’s 8 months after the fact. They consider it to be the most enlightening nutrition lecture they have ever attended.”

Julia Taylor

Marketing Director, Sodexo


Grow Your Business with Catering for ``Smart`` Meetings

It is no surprise that what you serve at a meeting can make any event memorable. How can you design your menu to not only stand out but to take your event to the next level? Franceen discusses how food choices and “smart” menus that focus on meeting success can create new opportunities for you Learn about:

• The impact food can have on focus and productivity
• The best “brain-friendly foods” that impact learning, memory, and concentration and how to plan a menu around them
• Marketing tactics to grow your business through this on-trend opportunity.



Franceen Puts a Fork in Today's Food Hype

How are we supposed to know what healthy eating means living in America today?

Knowing how to make the right food choices is close to impossible today, when we’re caught in the hype of so much conflicting information about food: Will GMOs hurt us? Should we eliminate gluten? Is an organic apple worth $3? Is detoxing healthy or hype? Should we stay away from fast food? Can you trust the nutrient information being advertised in restaurants and on food packaging?

One day you think you’re doing everything right, and the next day a news report throws everything you thought you knew into question. Just thinking about nutrition seems more hazardous to our health than living on triple cheese and pepperoni pizzas and supersized fries.

Don’t give up!

Franceen will free you from misleading food hype as she turns outdated notions-upside down, and the truth about how to eat well-right side up, with her funny, entertaining and empowering approach to healthy eating.

Constance Miceli

Everyone loved Franceen's style!

Franceen delivered a really exceptional presentation…the target ideas were perfect and I even wrote some down for myself! As the project coordinator for New York conference, I was fortunate to engage Franceen to speak to a large audience who acclaimed her excellence in an evaluation.

Constance Miceli

DSW, Ph.D, Project Coordinator


Boosting Performance with Food... On the Run

In today’s highly competitive market, taking charge of your career goes beyond gaining new knowledge and adapting new skills. We need to be “on our game” and have the energy and stamina to optimize performance and what we eat directly affects it. In fact, the right eating strategy can precisely and profoundly mold the quality of our mind and has been proven to boost IQ, improve mood and memory, make us more resistant to stress, more motivated, allow us to think more clearly and make fewer mistakes.

Join Franceen as she explains the impact food has on focus and productivity, and the highest energy foods you need to increase your stamina and thinking ability. You’ll get the competitive edge with Franceen’s high-octane eating plan for optimal energy and health to feel great and out-perform!

Adapt this strategy to any busy lifestyle as she uses her inside knowldge of the food industry to apply it to restaurants, food products and eating on the run.

Kris Rohr

Franceen's Presentation Skills are Excellent!

She is extremely comfortable and confident in front of an audience and her presentation skills are excellent. Her entire attitude and demeanor invite attention and participation.

Kris Rohr

Communications Director, Guest Services Inc.


WORKSHOP: Getting Real with Healthy Eating For Your Busy Life


Let Franceen show you how small changes in your eating, without dieting or deprivation, can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. Perfect for your busy lifestyle, this strategy incorporates your favorite foods and is easily adaptable for dining out, eating in, traveling and special events.

Speed up your metabolism, drop your blood pressure, boost your energy and concentration, lose weight! It all starts here with one great habit at a time.

This 4 hour workshop is split into two, 2-hour sessions.

**All presentations and workshops can be personalized to meet the needs of your audience.